Why The Littoral Line?

Each Tuesday morning 10am AEST, I send out The Littoral Line—a weekly email letter on creativity, design and complexity through the lens of people and attention. Littoral as in the edge of things, like tidal zones. Line as in symmetry, like the alignment of metaphor.

It’s a personal reflection on my reading, watching and listening—I’m more an observer than participant—and a chance to think about and draw learning from the work I do as a graphic designer and web developer.

As software eats our lives, and because I can remember the pre-internet where longing and obtaining something rare—and indeed knowing rarity itself—was a matter of patient diligence (and if I were obtaining vinyl records, much walking), I hope to retain this sense of Human discovery and ingenuity by writing about it. This feeds back into my work: how do we interact with this glass Gestell that disembodies us?

I also hope that these letters become a call for your active participation in conversation. We’re only as good as the people we discuss ourselves with. I hope that active engagement with seeing the world can mean we design it little better.

Who is this?

I’m Callum. I help collaborators to design a visual brand, its user experience and information structure, and then I build it for them. I believe that understanding the quality of the connections that bridge design and code is the key to creating seamless interfaces. I value collaborative relationships because that’s where long-term games allow the circumstances for the greatest leverage. Find out more on my website.

That’s the work part. The human part is that I’m a sucker for beautiful things: the history of recorded music of all kinds on to vinyl, Agnes Martin in Mexico, William Eggleston’s work and attitude, Borges, Carver, Eno and Bowie, Glazer’s Under The Skin, Barton Fink, the typography of Schick Toikka, A Pattern Language, David Rudisha’s 800 metre world record, English Cricket summers and their ales, the views of the turquoise Coral Sea just up the road here, Bromeliads, and most of all my family, living lives.

Other writing

Writing has become an important way for me to “see the world”. It’s something relatively new to me, just as coding is—I learned to apply myself to both skills after I was 30, a decade ago. There are, so far, only two articles that I feel uncover the “implicit within”:

And perhaps a few parts of older newsletters:

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